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STI with NTi XL2









Audio Designbg add to his board a new member….The famous XL2 audio spectrum analyzer.

With his special features Audio Design can verify all kind of evacuation system installed in production plants, special facilities, stadiums or public buildings and city malls. The XL2 analyzer and MR-PRO generator offers wide set of services like measurement STI-PA, T30, Integrated SPL meter, Data Logging and etc.

Our goal is to offer to our customer the most accurate and advance acoustic consultant services.





Audio Designbg release new product catalog


Audio deisignbg introduce his new catalogue with included new acoustic products.

Download catalogue, please click here.


Audio Design finish open space treatment


Audio Design finish first stage of acoustic treatment in a big open space in Johnson Controls. From the pictures bellow you can see different configuration of absorbing panels. The acoustic measurements are made with Dodecahedron and 64bit FFT software by eng. Stanislav Filipov and the color scheme of the panels is made by arch. Alexander Asenov.




























We runs on Dodecahedron!



Audio Design presents Dodecahedron, a new  measurement equipment aimed to reach the most high accuracy in acoustic measurements. It’s based on twelve speakers and can deliver 100% isotropic dispersion of sound propagation.

This omni source can measure very accurately RT30, RT20, RT10 and can be very useful tool when waterfall analysis is needed.

The dodecahedron has a 360deg diagram of dispersion. This mean that the measurements make with him are more accurate compered to non isotropic sources such  a speakers. When we made an initial measurements with our dodecahedron we concluded big differences in low frequencies compered to casual box with speaker.









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