Acoustics for Home Cinema

Audio Design offers complete solutions for design of home cinemas. Home cinema theaters provide a convenient way for full experience watching a movie at home without missing the atmosphere of the great cinema theater. Of course, to feel this you need suitable premises and AV equipment providing the experience.

At first glance, building a home theater seems elementary, but our experience shows that many people underestimate the initiative and find themselves in a deadlock.

Firstly you need to determine whether the room is with suitable dimensions and is there other living spaces nearby – you don’t want to disturb nobody outside your cinema world. After that there are several main stages - room must be soundproofed, you must build all kinds of power installations and cabling, also to provide ventilation and to make acoustic treatment which is synchronized with the internal interior. Each of these stages has its own specific details and if you miss something the final result will be just a lot of spent money.

Audio Design offers an individual approach to design of each step when building home movie theaters, as at each step are carried out control measurements to make sure that our customers get the right quality.

If you have already made the decision to build a home movie theater, please contact us for a consultation over the phone, through our online web form or request an onsite visit.