Industrial acoustics


Sound barriers are an effective way to reduce noise from various industrial systems such as chillers, transformers, diesel generators, heavy traffic highways, rail-transport and others.

Audio Design can perform any kind of background noise measurements with a calibrated SPL meter including spectral analysis of noise and design the appropriate type of sound barrier. Our barriers are made of high quality materials with high durability and suitable for installation in any external climatic conditions.

When we design certain type sound barrier we recommend On-Field measurements and analysis of the real installation. Thus perform the engineering methodology of Audio Design that helps for proper allocation of costs and materials.


Production generates much industrial noise that causes noise pollution and environmental damage. To keep nature safe Audio Design strives to reduce as far as possible the noise pollution via free-noise industrial installations and production lines.

Audio Design build and works by a special noise methodology to identify the type of noise pollution and its power spectrum. This methodology is an effective solution for all industries and manufactures generating noise levels above the limit. In our methodology we include analysis and measurements of background noise, noise control for industrial areas, remote continuous monitoring of the noise environment, individual approach to each facility and installation, and more.

Acoustic solutions for industrial treatment of production lines and manufactures includes acoustic and sound absorbing panels, special membranes, soundproofing barriers, silencers and more.


Controlling noise pollution from generators, turbines and compressors is a priority for many organizations in the market for electricity. It is essential that all energy facilities have appropriate measures to control noise, to confirm that the facility meets the criterion for noise.

Audio Design is a market leader in noise control engineering and is one of the leading manufacturers of silencers for diesel generators. Audio Design has developed a range of silencers to suit most applications within the market of electricity.

Audio Design provides all types of consultations and measurements related to industrial noise pollution and its control. If you have any questions related to noise control for any industrial installation do not hesitate to contact us by phone or send your inquiry via our online form.


The incoming air in the filtration systems is essential for each plant - industrial or domestic. Filtration systems are developed thanks to increased operating temperatures in various industries and the needs for more efficient working environment. Filtration systems have multiple modules that are selected according to their application and the specific work environment.

After selection of suitable filter system for certain environment, we provide a set of ducts and silencers that reduce noise levels to a minimum. So fast flowing air in the exhaust ducts is contained before reaching the final room.

Audio Design can design individual filter packs, silencers, anti-noise ducts and to remove noise influences.

Vibrations are another problem occurring widely in modern industrial and domestic environments. Technically vibrations represents infra sound which are propagated in solid constructions and causing unwanted vibrations called resonances. Vibration possibly could be caused by different sources such as weather systems, diesel generators, synchronous and asynchronous motors, public transport, etc.

Audio Design owns special kit equipped with an advanced sensor from last generation transducers able to show the slightest vibration on almost any surface. The exact analysis and graphical results obtained after measuring give the possibility to design and build the most accurate protection and insulation. In any case our aim is to minimize the effects of unwanted vibration.


Most server rooms are usually classified as special purpose rooms. They must meet the requirements associated with soundproofing, ventilation, fire safety, security and others. Usually for server rooms are chosen indoor premises without windows that are cooled from the air conditioning system of the building or an additional one.

Very often the quality of the server room is underestimated, because of thin walls, poorly insulated doors or another compromising solution. In any case the staff is from suffering side because of the noise generated in the server room. The main source of noise and vibration in the server rooms are fans of equipment whose noise spectrum varies between low and medium frequencies. Thus, in a poorly insulated room is obtained residential background noise, which leads to serious problems with the working environment and violation of norms for noise.

Audio Design has experience designing and soundproofed Server and IT facilities throughout Europe. Our experts can perform inspection and consultation at place, at any type of server rooms, as our on-site visit involves measuring the noise / vibration issue of measures to improve acoustic comfort.