Commercial Acoustics for Office Premises

Open Space become a mandatory corporate policy over the past 10 years due to the ability of a team to discuss a process or task together. Of course, the benefits of the open office are many and indisputable, but from an acoustic point of view there are many disadvantages such as increased background noise and lack of concentration.

Normally, our customers understand the acoustic problems after they have entered an office and have put a certain budget for repairs. Removing acoustic problems is not an easy process in rooms with relatively constant height and different length and width. This phenomenon produces a number of negative effects and the only proven way of analysis is by measuring the acoustic parameters of the room - Noise level, Reverberation time RT60, % Alcons, RASTI, STI, STIPA and others.

Audio Design has developed successful methods for measuring and reducing background noise in office spaces. The evidence for this is our successful finished projects for companies such as Ernst & Young, Coca-Cola, Johnson Controls and many others.