Voiceover studio

Commercials Television Radio Online.

Office Acoustic treatment

Reduce distracting noise and achieving more comfortable work environment.

Industrial noise absorbtion

Decreasing noise levels from CNC machines.

Acoustic screens for desks

Decreasing speech noise in call center.

Acoustic treatment of home studio

Acoustic treatment and Free Reflection Zone.

Acoustic treatment of an office space

Acoustic office treatment. The client complained of increased background noise during conversations. The implemented acoustic treatment provide improved acoustic comfort and balanced vision.

Acoustic treatment - hotel Sol Luna Bay, Varna, Obzor

Acoustic treatment of the restaurant in hotel Sol Luna Bay. The total area of the restaurant was around 1500 m2. The customer complaints from increased background noise coming from speech and noise generated by cutlery and dishes. After measurement and acoustic treatment with acoustic panels a reduction of about 50% effect in the rooms and improved acoustic comfort is achieved. The blue design of the panels was inspired from the sea.

Noise reduction of HVAC system

Challenging project implemented for fifty days. The owner of the building came to us asking for noise reduction. The level of low-frequency noise generated by these industrial chillers from air intake system was pretty annoying. The complaints came from a neighbor building owned by an government agency and were expressed in complaints of constant hum. After the design and installation of a soundproofing construction the complaints were terminated.

Acoustic treatment - office Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls now Visteon is one of the largest corporations in the automotive industry. They contacted us asking for acoustic treatment of office space in their new building in Sofia. The project was mostly challenging in scale and included soundproofing and acoustic processing in more than ten Open Space premises and twelve conference rooms. The result was a convenient open office with acoustic and visual balance.

Acoustic treatment - office Ernst&Young

They just met with us and said, "It is impossible to hold conference calls with our office in Miami at our most luxurious conference room, because on the other hand we can not understand each other. The speech is blurry, please fix it! We measured the reverberation time and and found that it's around 2.5 sec @ 1000 Hz which is a catastrophic value for speech. After two weeks of designing and installing acoustic panels only on the ceiling, the improvement in acoustics was so great that the regional manager decided that Audio Design should perform acoustic treatment of all Ernst & Young conference rooms. Then we design additional five conference rooms, eight office phone booths, and two large open office spaces.

Acoustic treatment conference room office Tishman International

Tishman International is a world leader in the commercial real estate market. Audio Design made an acoustic treatment of their main conference hall in SAC building near Sofia Airport. Additionally we installed a multimedia audio system that allows presentations via wi-fi connectivity.


Lukoil is an international oil company with business in many countries. Audio Design consulted and developed a soundproofing meeting room for confidential negotiations at Burgas

Deutcshe Leasing

Deutsche Leasing is an international company providing financial and operating leases. Our client had problems with the background noise. We made the measurements and replaced the hygienic ceiling with an acoustic one.