Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels

Audio Design offers a wide range of acoustic panels and diffusers for acoustic treatment. Acoustical panels are widely used in offices, home cinemas, theaters, music studios, churches, conference rooms, lecture theaters, audio logical and medical surgeries and more. Their installation is possible on almost any surface without mechanical intervention.

Audio Design offers panels for medium and high frequencies treatment that are made ​​according to the specific requirements of the processing room. Our panels have different acoustic characteristics and we recommend acoustic measurement that accurately determines the parameters of the room. Then, we can select the proper panels which can be used.

Audio Design fulfills individual orders and manufactures acoustic panels with custom sizes suitable for music studios and music practice rooms. All absorbent panels are certified for fire resistance class and treated against rodents and microorganisms by ensuring safe and continuous operation.

Circle Panel


Squad Panel

Mirror Panel

Re-Quadro Panel

Quadro Panel

Egg Absorber