Soundproof Walls & Screens

Soundproof Walls & Screens

Audio Design develops and manufactures acoustic screens suitable for zone isolation in call centers and offices. Screens are lightweight, portable and powerful to be installed quickly and easily through the floor stands. They are constructed from absorption panels covered with textile veil, which can be color customized.

The acoustic screens are suitable for installation in front of windows and doors they have fire resistance class, comfortable storage and can be used for formation of a comfortable acoustic environment.

Audio Design offers personal solutions with acoustic screens for offices and work areas, if you have interests or questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or through our web contact form.

What is Soundproof

Let's first clarify the difference between sound insulation and acoustic treatment. Very often people are not aware of these concepts, and they confuse sound insulation with room acoustics. Sound insulation aims to separate the internal acoustic environment from the external one.

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